the true spiritual awakening

Since childhood I asked myself what I was doing on this earth, which led me to read almost everything that was said about spirituality and spiritual awakening.

On the way I discovered many things: notably that I was not my thoughts nor my emotions nor my body. I was able to improve my life by making it pleasant by learning the art of manifestation

But this did not seem satisfactory, not enough.

Today I am a little over 50 years old. And there is still the same basic, nagging question. But there must be something else, right? Or, okay and, now what’s next?

I discovered Robert Scheinfeld. the first to write the reality that we were living as a movie dot and that all we were doing, all I had done so far was just enhance my existence in that movie. what he calls phase 1.

The next part of the story was to move on to phase 2. Robert’s approach is to use four tools. The main tool he details is the process. It’s about going to erase, it’s about jumping into the most uncomfortable parts of our existence and dissolving them by affirming that the truth is that it’s all an illusion and asking for our power back.

I applied the process and moved on but as I read more of Robert’s tests, there was something missing, I don’t know what, something incomplete. So I went on my way and came across Jed McKenna.

Jed McKenna also says that we are in an illusion. However, his teaching does not consist in giving us keys to improve our life, but in destroying all the illusions to enter the state of permanent non-duality.