Being in Truth program

What progression can I expect from taking the “Being in Truth” program? I’m currently struggling with the way I use language and assign meanings, which distort my perception of the world and elicit emotions. For instance, I may feel annoyed when a friend enters a room without looking at me, interpreting it as being ignored. Recognizing that this interpretation is merely a creation of my mind, the emotion fades. I also spend significant time in a “witness” state, observing thoughts and emotions without reacting to them. I am curious about the progress I will make through the “Being in Truth” program, as I envision my next step to be consistently living in the witness state and experiencing a sense of oneness with everything.

Robert : First, I want to address the concept of living from the “witness” state. The witness state can be detached and not truly immersed in the present moment, which differs from being in truth. I use the term “being in truth” to describe being fully immersed and aware of what’s happening from a different perspective than in phase one or phase two.

Many spiritual and self-help teachings promote the idea of moving into a witness perspective, but this can be unsustainable and still distorted. As long as the “cloud cover” (our unconscious limitations) is in place, you will not be able to sustain this detached perspective. Instead, by knocking out enough cloud cover through the “Being in Truth” program, your perception will naturally shift, and you’ll no longer be bothered by the lies and illusions that cloud your experience.

The “Being in Truth” program offers a gateway to eliminate the last of the cloud cover, which blocks the “sun of truth” from shining in and shaping your experience. By following this program, you can move into a state where you perceive the truth about things all the time, regardless of what’s happening inside or outside of you. This is the main difference and opportunity provided by the program.






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