beyond phase 2

After the cloud cover is cleared away, the “eggs” collapsed, and the games are understood for what they are, do we then stop playing in the world’s amusement park, or do we continue?

Robert : In many systems of thought, there is something called enlightenment or spiritual awakening, and the implication is that this is your goal. When you achieve that goal, it’s often assumed that you leave the human body, transcend to another dimension, and the game is over.

While reaching this point and ending the game could be an option for some individuals, there is no rule or formula about it. More often than not, the game doesn’t end when the cloud cover is cleared away. Instead, the game changes, and there’s an opportunity to stay in the amusement park, continue riding rides, create new rides, change existing ones, and have an extraordinary experience by continuing to play in a completely different way. It’s no longer about limitation and restriction, but about playing, exploring, expressing creatively, and simply having a blast.

In summary, there’s no rule or formula that says the game is over when you clear away the cloud cover. It ultimately depends on the individual and their unique journey.






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