collapsing parts of a scenario

As my expanded self presents a memory to me of a situation or problematic person, and it’s only one part of an entire scenario that may have continued over a period of time, does doing the process on one part of this begin to collapse the entire thing?

Robert : The best way to look at this is, if a particular part of the cloud cover has been targeted for demolition for you to drill through and poke a hole in, then it’s going to be demolished and you’re going to poke the hole. Your expanded self has a plan, and it will take you on a guided tour to get the job done. There’s no rule or formula, and no external force guiding or controlling this.

Your expanded self could take you into one memory, a small chunk of something, and from that unravel an entire lie, illusion, and story, poking a hole in it. Similarly, your expanded self could take you into one memory and then lead you to another memory, and so on, until you’re in the heart of using the tools with a very big, complex story. That’s part of your guided tour, and that’s how the cloud cover would be knocked out.

There’s no rule or formula to this process; it’s really just mind games. In the “Being in Truth” work, I call it the “mind machine.” It’s like a computer, buzzing and worrying, trying to figure stuff out, understand, categorize, label, describe, and file things in specific file folders. But it doesn’t mean anything, and there aren’t any rules or formulas. It’s going to unfold the way it unfolds.

If we were to track a thousand or ten thousand Phase Two players and isolate a specific example like a memory, we’d see all kinds of different things, and there are no rules or formulas. Everything is custom-designed.






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