death and phase 2

I have been practicing the process for 11 months now, and I would like to know what happens when death occurs. We reclaim our power, and then something happens. The death of someone we love is difficult; we do not get them back, so what do we get in return? I cannot accept death and the idea that it is not real or absurd, even if the body can keep rejuvenating, even if it’s an illusion. Could we keep living with the process? I believe we can, even without thanks. Regarding death, I mean, for any other thing, we reclaim our power, and something happens: the discomfort leaves, and we increase our inner power and get results. But with death, nothing can happen, and if everyone feels better, people also eventually and with time get better. What is your reply to this?

Robert : As it relates to death, I will tell you the truth, with a capital T, as I see it, and I will tell you that the odds are it will not have any impact on you because there is so much juice in this “I can’t accept death” story that you’re playing with, so the odds are this will bounce off and won’t have any effect. But I will tell you what I see about it anyway.

Imagine that you’re reading a novel or watching a movie or a TV show, and a character in that story dies. You would say it didn’t really happen; it was a fictional character, nobody really died. So, there might have been some sadness or something that you experienced reading the story, particularly if it was a significant character in the story, but ultimately it’s just a story, and on some level, you know it’s not real, and you know they didn’t really die because they were never really alive; they were just a fictional character.

The truth, with a capital T, is that it’s the same thing with us. We think that we’re real, and we think our story is real, and we think that somebody in our story really dies, and they really are lost to us. They’ve gone somewhere, and we’re never going to see them again, and we’re never going to get them back, and there are all these stories that come from cloud cover dynamics. But it’s really the same exact thing as what happens in a great novel, movie, or TV show story.

You never really die because you were never really alive. Whoever you might have had die around you in the past or just did, or does in the future, doesn’t really die; they don’t really go anywhere. It’s just a story. Now, if you need an answer to it, they’re born out of Consciousness and return to Consciousness with a capital C. But nothing’s really lost.

Our lives are the same exact thing as a novel, movie, or TV show, except the cloud cover tells us that we’re real, our story is real, and anything that happens to us really happens, and if somebody dies, we’ve really lost something, we’ve really lost someone, something bad has happened.

What do we get in return, you ask? Well, you don’t get anything in return. That’s just the story. Characters are on the stage when they are contributing to the unfolding story in a particular way, and they’re off the stage, whether they die or just lose touch with them or whatever, when they’re not needed in the story anymore. It’s the same exact thing as what happens in novels, movies, and TV shows.

Again, my guess is that as you’re listening to this, there’s going to be massive resistance to it, and as I said, it’s not really going to help with what you’re struggling with, and it may be the case for someone else listening to this. Nevertheless, that’s the truth as I see it and as I have experienced it with a capital E.






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