do the process for the same situation multiple times

Often, when we face very stressful or troublesome situations, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and have difficulty doing the process at all, or doing it well enough to feel that it had any benefit. Sometimes it seems necessary to do the process for the same situation multiple times, as the same feeling comes up again and again. How do we deal with this?

Robert : You’ll delve into the heart of the cloud cover, usually involving the biggest lies, illusions, and stories created in Phase One to lock in the cloud cover and convince you that you’re the opposite of who you really are, and the illusion is real. The process generally involves not just the process tool, but also the experience of going through Phase Two. This often means revisiting the same lies, illusions, and stories repeatedly. It may seem like you’re stuck, doing the same thing over and over without any progress, but that’s not the case.

You’re always moving through deeper layers of the cloud cover related to those lies, illusions, or stories. Even if it doesn’t seem like it, that’s what’s happening. In my experience, you eventually see it for what it is. As you peel back layers, you’ll discover that there’s more behind the surface issue. There might be something else that happened in your past, and there may be multiple layers to explore.

The Guided Tour

One of the most simultaneously pleasurable and frustrating aspects of the Phase Two game is what I call the “guided tour” component. It’s not just about drilling through the cloud cover and letting the sun shine in; you’re given a guided tour of how you built what you built in the cloud cover. This tour shows you the layers and how you made these lies, illusions, and stories seem so real.

When you’re in the middle of it, it can be frustrating. All you want is the sunshine, not the tour. However, the tour is a part of it, and it eventually becomes one of the most enjoyable aspects of the process. As you drill through the cloud cover, you’re given a tour of what you’re drilling through and how it limited and fooled you into thinking you were the opposite of who you really are.

When it feels like you’re going through the same thing repeatedly without any difference, it might seem like you’re wasting your time or spinning your wheels, but that’s not the case. You’re either moving through layers and don’t see it yet or something else is going on.

From my own personal experience and that of others, the tour component eventually surfaces, and you see that you are indeed moving through layers, seeing what else is in there, and making progress.






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