financial issues

I am not yet in Phase Two but am working on it. I explain that things are chaotic in my life, as expected during this phase, and I’m struggling with financial issues. I ask about the role of will during the transformation process and wonder how to surrender to my larger self amidst the chaos. I also want to know how to maintain transformational momentum while dealing with real-life struggles and how to determine if I’m moving in the right direction.

Robert : In response, it seems you are indeed in Phase Two, which involves actively using tools to work through the cloud cover, even if it appears that nothing is happening.

Everything you experience internally and externally serves as raw material to support your progress. The opportunity is to continue using the tools whenever you feel motivated, while other actions not involving the tools will take care of themselves.

The real solution to struggles is doing work in the cloud cover, not the storyline.

The key is to use the tools consistently and dive deep into the heart of the cloud cover, no matter how difficult or intense it may seem. This approach will ultimately lead to progress and the ability to play in the sunshine of Phase Three.






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