health problems

During my journey, I have had problems with my health. Even though I now understand that these problems are unreal and exist only in my consciousness, they are the primary cause of my depression because they seem to be endless. What would you advise me in that situation?

Robert : Discomfort is discomfort, whether it’s physical or emotional, and it doesn’t matter if it’s about money, health, relationships, or anything else. The opportunity is to apply the process when you’re experiencing discomfort, such as depression or physical discomfort related to health issues.

Remember, the human experience is about exploring what’s possible in a dynamic opposite of who we really are as infinite beings. We always want to change, fix, and improve everything, but ultimately, everything is about exploring particular stories.

Some stories are about exploring what happens when you’re depressed or dealing with physical illnesses or disabilities. It’s not about making them go away or transforming them; it’s about exploring the “what would happen if” scenarios within that particular situation.

It’s essential to recognize that it’s not happening to you; there isn’t really an Oleg. There is expanded self, consciousness, and infinite being unfolding the story. For example, in the Harry Potter series, there are various characters, but in reality, there is only J.K. Rowling, the author, whose consciousness shapes the story.

Similarly, it’s not really Oleg struggling with health or depression; it’s Consciousness with a capital C that is exploring a particular story through the eyes of Oleg. It’s a completely different perspective.






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