jeopardize my financial prosperity, personal health, and safety

I devote my life to mastery, and I’m doing my best to be well and move into phase three. However, I’ve manifested a phase two where someone’s out to get me and jeopardize my financial prosperity, personal health, and safety. What can I do as I continue to reclaim my power from the illusion and express gratitude for how it served me?

Robert : Again, the answer is simple: just keep using the tools. In every story, there are protagonists and antagonists, though in reality, there are no good or bad guys, just characters playing their roles. If you study the art of storytelling, you’ll find that these roles are formulaic and follow certain patterns, such as a hero facing resistance while trying to achieve their goals. This is true for novels, movies, TV shows, and plays.

The human experience is similar to these stories, except that it’s a total immersion experience. It’s common, especially with cloud cover in place, for people to appear as if they’re resisting, sabotaging, or even hurting you. This is part of the human game, which is all about exploring various scenarios related to limitation and restriction.

Anytime it seems like something bad is happening, or someone is doing something wrong, it’s always a result of cloud cover dynamics, lies, illusions, and stories. When you ask, “What can I do?” the answer is to continue using the tools. It’s important to resist the temptation to search for a magic bullet or a shortcut, as these never work as well as they’re supposed to.

The key is to patiently embrace the process and use the tools consistently, even when it feels like you’re not making progress. There is no magical solution or technique that will suddenly make everything better. Instead, commit to using the tools you have and trust the process.

In my own experience, using the four primary tools consistently led to significant changes in the cloud cover. Your journey may be shorter or longer than mine, but the path remains the same: use the tools, embrace the process, and experience the transformation that results.






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