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Let’s agree for now that, as you say, ‘everyone has a purpose,’ and one’s awareness of it is irrelevant. Perhaps we can also agree that improved awareness of one’s purpose is preferable to not knowing.

Robert : I’ll stop here for a minute and say that I cannot agree with you on that. From my experience in my own life and the stories of tens of thousands of people worldwide, it’s entirely irrelevant whether a person is consciously aware of their purpose or not. Sometimes it’s part of the story, and sometimes it isn’t, but it makes no difference in a practical, real-world sense, although the mind, logic, and intellect can argue otherwise.

The question goes on: “To this end, how does one go about beginning to identify and increase awareness of one’s purpose in life?”

Again, there’s nothing I can tell you, and there’s no magic bullet. Your true identity is consciousness. Just as Harry Potter’s real identity is J.K. Rowling, who knows Harry’s life purpose, your story will unfold, and your life purpose will be fulfilled. In phase one self-help, metaphysical, or other dynamics imply that you can get off track or not fulfill your life purpose, but this isn’t true. Characters in a story, like Harry Potter, will do what they were written to do, and the same is true for all of us.

Some people have an awareness of their life purpose, and it could be correct, incorrect, or nonexistent. However, it makes no difference and is not necessary for the story. The belief that you need to know your life purpose to stay on track is just cloud cover.

The key takeaway from my answer is that knowing or not knowing your life purpose doesn’t make any real difference in your life’s unfolding. Your life’s purpose will be fulfilled regardless of your awareness of it. The belief that we need to know our purpose to stay on track is merely a phase one human game perspective that maintains cloud cover.

It’s essential to let go of the notion that you need to actively search for your life purpose. Instead, embrace the idea that your life will unfold as it should, and your purpose will naturally manifest itself in your experiences.

As you continue on your journey, it’s possible that you may gain insights or clarity about your purpose through various means, such as meditation, conversations, or other experiences. But remember that this awareness is not a prerequisite for fulfilling your purpose. Trust that your life is unfolding exactly as it should, and focus on living authentically and embracing the experiences that come your way.

In conclusion, don’t get caught up in the need to know your life purpose. Focus on living your life authentically, embracing the experiences that come your way, and trusting that your life will unfold as it should.






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