phase 2 tools

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The Process

The Process is a powerful tool to help you reclaim your power from any form of discomfort you may experience. This 6-step guide will walk you through how to apply The Process effectively in order to create positive change in your life.

By following these steps, you can reclaim your power and create positive change in your life. Remember, the key is to feel the energy and truth behind the words you use and to trust your Expanded Self throughout the process.

Step 1: Dive Right Smack into the Middle of It

Immerse yourself fully in the discomfort energy, whatever form it takes. Initially, it may be easier to do this with your eyes closed. As you become more experienced, you’ll be able to apply The Process even while engaged in conversation with others.

Step 2: Feel the Discomfort Energy Fully

Feel the intensity of the discomfort energy as much as you can, without judgment or labeling. The more you feel, the more power you can reclaim from it.

Step 3: When It Reaches a Peak of Intensity, Tell The Truth about It

Once the discomfort energy reaches its peak intensity or your limit, tell The Truth about it. Affirm your true power and the fact that the discomfort is just a creation of your Consciousness. Choose a phrase that resonates with you to describe your true self and power.

Step 4: Reclaim Your Power from It

After telling The Truth about the discomfort, reclaim your power from it by affirming it using a phrase like, “I reclaim my power from this creation NOW!” Feel the power returning to you as you make this affirmation.

Step 5: Open Up More and More to Who You Really Are

Open up to the Truth and Power of who you really are, cultivating the feeling of being infinitely powerful, wise, and abundant. Practice feeling the Infinite Energy by asking yourself questions or repeating phrases that help you connect with your true self.

Step 6: Express Appreciation

Appreciate the magnificence of the creation from which you reclaimed your power, and bask in the “Wow Effect.” At the end of The Process, you should be in a joyous and expanded state.

The mini process

The transformative vocabulary