religion and phase 2

What’s your best piece of advice specifically directed to phase two players whose expanded selves chose to include large doses of strict religion in their upbringing and who still struggle with shaping personal spirituality beyond throwing Jesus out with the bathwater? And yes, I do already apply your brilliant process (thank you, in all caps) to those thoughts and feelings when they arise.

Robert : I don’t have any specific advice. People often make up stories in their minds, believing that their situation is different or that some aspects of their day-to-day life require special handling or treatment. However, life is life, and stories are just stories. What appears inside or outside of you is all the same. In terms of drilling through the cloud cover, it’s all just cloud cover. There’s nothing special about religion that’s different from someone who grew up with money, abuse, health issues, or other lies, illusions, and stories. The specifics don’t matter.

When it comes to addressing discomfort related to strict religion, you can apply the same process as you would with any other discomfort. If there’s something else that comes up related to strict religion that doesn’t make you uncomfortable, then you have the opportunity to use the mini-process, appreciation, or transformational vocabulary, or to do nothing. There’s no mandate to use the tools, but there’s nothing unique about strict religion. It’s just cloud cover. Drilling is drilling, and using the tools is using the tools. It doesn’t matter what you’re using them on. The specifics of the storyline don’t matter. What matters is whether there is discomfort, a lie, an illusion, or a story at work. If so, you have the opportunity to use the tools when those things arise.

How to interface peacefully with family members, friends, and church members regarding their religion, especially Bible-based Christianity, once someone starts to bust loose and move further down the rabbit hole. This is a complex issue that I discuss in more detail in my Masters of Light online course, but I’ll offer some thoughts here.

Robert : First, understand that it’s not your job to figure this out or make it happen. You’re a character in a story, and it’s the larger consciousness that’s shaping all of it. From a practical perspective, you may find yourself not talking about these teachings with certain people in your life, and that’s okay. There’s no need to try to convert others or share these ideas unless it comes up naturally in conversation.

In my own life, I don’t talk about these teachings with most people I encounter, including my own family. It’s not necessary for maintaining relationships or connection. Ultimately, the situation will take care of itself as you work through the cloud cover and play in more sunshine. If there is discomfort, you can use the tools I teach, but otherwise, it will unfold in the way it needs to, and it’s not a problem except in a story created by the mind.






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