sharing your journey?

Robert : Most people who have encountered me in my personal life, not as a writer, speaker, or teacher, have absolutely no idea that I think or feel any of this, live this way, or teach this stuff. And it doesn’t affect my life; it isn’t necessary. A story can be told that it is necessary, and you can’t really have a relationship with someone else unless they’re sharing something like this with you. Some may believe that there will be distance, a gap, or a lack of connection or unity if you’re not on the same page with this stuff, but that’s not true.

I’ve seen everything. I’ve seen couples, whether they’re married or not, both on the Busting Loose path. I’ve seen situations where one partner is on the path and the other isn’t. I’ve seen cases where both know about it, but only one of them is actively pursuing it. I’ve seen instances where one doesn’t have any idea that the other one is on the path. I’ve even seen situations where one partner thinks the other one is crazy but lets them deal with their “weird hobby” or whatever. It doesn’t matter.

All of these scenarios are ultimately used as raw material to support knocking out the cloud cover when the drilling operation is in place. And everything ultimately takes care of itself when you’re playing in the sunshine. However, it can take care of itself in many different ways, but it’s not a big deal or a problem. If there is discomfort about it, you can use the tools, but otherwise, it will unfold as it unfolds and take care of itself. It’s really not a problem, except in a story that, as I now word it, the mind machine kicks out.






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