using phase 2 tools make my life worse

Every time I use these tools, I feel like my world gets worse. I’m really afraid of using them, even though I want to. I’m scared I won’t be able to handle the worst situations, but when I stop using the tools, my world seems better. How can I overcome this?

Robert : This is a common issue for people in phase two.

Ultimately, this feeling is a lie, an illusion, and a story. The story is that your life was okay, and now it’s not. Something new and bad has been introduced, and it wasn’t there before. However, what you’re experiencing as “worse” is actually an old pattern that was already present. It’s something that you have struggled with throughout your life, and now it’s being highlighted for you to address using these tools.

Though it may seem like your life is getting worse, it’s not. You’re just being confronted with challenges that were previously hidden or suppressed. Your life doesn’t truly get better when you stop using the tools. The only way to transform your life and experience the truth is to use these tools to face and work through these challenges, no matter how difficult or scary they may be.

There’s no rule or requirement to do this, but in this particular game, that’s the opportunity for growth. Persistently using the tools and working through your challenges will eventually lead to transformation. It’s like playing tennis: you don’t have to play, but if you want to improve, you have to pick up a racket and learn how to hit the ball.

The phase two game is optional, but if you want to clear the cloud cover and experience more sunshine, that’s how the game works. In the beginning, it may seem like your life is getting worse, but as you persist with the tools, you’ll see that’s not the case, and things will begin to shift and transform. The timeframe for change varies, but with consistent use of the tools, you will eventually see significant transformation.






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