what if everything is an illusion

You have suggested that everything we experience is an illusion or a story that we’ve made up. However, when you have a conversation with someone, they seem to be experiencing the same things, like the wind in the trees, cars passing, or people on the street. Are the people you’re speaking to part of the illusion in your illusion, or have they created the same illusion? What is my true reality and my journey here on Earth?

Robert : In my books, multimedia courses, and talks, I have discussed the phase two game and the busting loose model, where I mention a concept called “tangled hierarchy.” This scientific term implies that if you follow a specific line of thought, it doesn’t lead anywhere but instead creates an endless loop of confusion. These types of questions can lead to such a loop.

To simplify, bring your focus back to yourself. In my work on “being in truth,” I discuss this from a more expanded perspective. For practical purposes, it is best to think that if you are aware of something, you are creating it down to the smallest detail. This mindset helps avoid getting stuck in an endless loop.

Remember that everything is an illusion, created by Consciousness with a capital “C,” and none of it is real. When I say “you’re creating it,” I don’t mean you as an individual, like Anne-Marie, but rather the infinite being that you truly are – Consciousness with a capital “C.” You are a character in the story, just as Harry Potter, Hermione, Ron, and Voldemort were all created by J.K. Rowling.

In this context, everything that happens is formed in Consciousness with a capital “C” to narrate a story, similar to how J.K. Rowling’s consciousness fabricated the world of Harry Potter.

Every experience you and others perceive, including what you see, hear, or feel, is a part of this story. Ultimately, it is not the specific character in the story that generates this reality, but rather Consciousness itself.

Yes, everyone you’re speaking to is part of the illusion. If they appear to see a tree or experience something similar, it doesn’t necessarily mean they perceive it the same way. Psychological studies have shown that different people can witness the same event and report entirely different stories.






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