Robert ScheinFELD Teachings

In his teachings, Robert Scheinfeld introduces the concepts of “Busting Loose,” “Phase 2,” and “Phase 3,” which are centered around the idea of expanding one’s understanding of their true identity and potential.

He posits that everyone is an Infinite Being with limitless power, abundance, wisdom, and joyfulness. Our natural state is to be creative and expressive.

Playing the human game

Scheinfeld suggests that we, as Infinite Beings, have chosen to participate in “The Human Game” for the fun and challenge it presents.

This game is played in our consciousness and can be likened to a “Total Immersion Movie Experience.”

Although the human experience may seem serious, viewing it as a game is an important aspect of Scheinfeld’s teachings. He emphasizes the importance of understanding the unique rules, regulations, and structure of this game to navigate it effectively.

Phase 1

Robert Scheinfeld’s teachings revolve around the concept of “The Human Game,” which is designed with limiting and restrictive ideas and experiences. These limitations are like clouds that block our true nature, the sun. The Human Game consists of three phases, during which we forget our true nature, seek to rediscover it, and eventually live in harmony with it.

In Phase 1, we create the illusion of separation between our Expanded Self (our true, infinite nature) and the Player (our limited human experience). We forget our true identity and hide our power, wisdom, and abundance. This phase is characterized by experiences of limitation and restriction.

Phase 2

In Phase 2, we begin to feel incomplete and seek answers to rediscover our true nature. This process is referred to as “knocking out the cloud cover and expanding.” As we knock out the cloud cover, we move closer to our Expanded Self and true potential.

Phase 3

Finally, in Phase 3, we live in total trust in ourselves, experiencing joy, peace, abundance, and unconditional love. At this stage, we are “in the world but not of the world,” living in harmony with our true, infinite nature.

Scheinfeld emphasizes that our Expanded Self is responsible for all of our experiences, and the journey through the phases of The Human Game is ultimately a path of self-discovery and transformation.






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